Why play dough?
At Messy Fingers, we believe in learning through sensory play and play dough is one way we can engage in such activities. Each play dough kit provides endless learning and play possibilities. You can engage in creative play, sorting, counting, learning colours and shapes, develop fine psycho motor skills and so much more! It is also extremely therapeutic just kneading and sculpting the doughs for adults!

What are your play dough made of?
Our play dough are made with natural ingredients (flour, oil, cream of tartar, salt and water). They are coloured with food grade colours and scented with food grade flavours, teas and/or essential oils. Unscented versions are also available. Our play dough are non toxic, taste safe (meaning it's okay if your toddler has accidentally ingested some of it. I would more concerned of the salt content than its toxicity), contain gluten but do not contain nuts and milk.

What makes your play dough stand out from the rest?
Our play dough are made with natural, food grade ingredients and no other chemicals are added. The doughs have the perfect texture, they do not bleed, nor do they flake easily or stick to your hands and nails, which makes cleaning up easier. 

What ages are your play dough suitable for?
There's no age limit to enjoy play dough! While our products are targeted for toddlers and children, adults also benefit from the therapeutic experience in kneading and creating with our play dough kits.

Are your play dough safe for toddlers?
All play dough and accessories are test-played by our own little humans and their friends. While the play doughs are taste safe, supervised play is always recommended. Our products are best suited for 18 months old onwards or children who do not have the tendency to put items in their mouths. There are smaller parts in the kits which may be a choking hazard. The cutters are made of acrylic, have smooth edges and cuts well into the doughs.

If you are concerned about the small accessories part but would like your child to try our play dough, simply drop us an email at messyfingers.sg@gmail.com and we are more than happy to work out something together for you.

How long can the dough last?
The doughs are made fresh after your orders are placed so you receive a fresh batch. The dough can last for as long as 2 months or more, when properly stored in an airtight container that comes with the doughs, in a cool dry place.

Do you offer play dough subscriptions?
Right now, we offer a quarterly dough subscription: new dough sent to you every 3 months. We are in the process of designing a subscription package that includes learning activities that facilities learning through play at home. Stay tuned for more details. If you wish to subscribe to our dough for your preschool, drop us an email at messyfingers.sg@gmail.com and we will fill you in with more details.

I have something specific in mind. Do you accept custom order?
Yes we do and love to! All orders are customisable from the theme to colour to scent of your event (birthday party, wedding, cooperate events etc) Simply drop us an email at
messyfingers.sg@gmail.com and we are happy to work out something together with you.