Floral Pastel Six (Glittered)


  • Image of Floral Pastel Six (Glittered)
  • Image of Floral Pastel Six (Glittered)

It started as a client's request for her themed party. Then another, then another, then we thought "Let's just put a whole pastel rainbow together!" So here it is, the gentler sister of our signature Fruity Rainbow Six! This dough box includes six regular (180g) tubs of our taste safe dough, scented in the lovely smells of botanicals. We've also lightly sprinkled some fairy dust on them- non toxic glitter, to make them all the more magical to play with. It's taste safe play dough like you've never seen/smelled before!

Pastel pink - Rose
Pastel orange- Orange blossom
Pastel yellow- Chamomile
Pastel green- Eucalyptus
Pastel blue- Lavender
Pastel purple- Geranium

*We use only quality essential oils and/or food grade flavourings for our scents.

Image of Fruity Rainbow Six
Fruity Rainbow Six
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